Recommended Reading

The Worm at the Core:
On the Role of Death in Life
by Sheldon Solomon,
Jeff Greenberg, Tom Pyszczynski

The Denial of Death
by Ernest Becker

Escape from Evil
By Ernest Becker

Abstracts of the Complete Writings of Ernest Becker (1924-1974)
by Daniel Liechty

The Birth and Death of Meaning:
An Interdisciplinary Perspective
on the Problem of Man 2nd Edition
by Ernest Becker

The Ernest Becker Reader

American Stew
by Stephen James

Death and Denial: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Legacy
of Ernest Becker by Daniel Liechty

In the Wake of 9/11:
The Psychology of Terror
By Tom Pyszczynski, Sheldon Solomon,
and Jeff Greenberg

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